Banking & Finance

Levitt Robinson Solicitors’ highly-regarded banking and financial services disputes team specialises in helping Australian businesses resolve disputes with large banks and financial institutions.

Litigation is unpleasant for all parties involved, but there is nothing quite like the pressure that business people find themselves under when they are being unfairly treated by their financiers. That is why our team is focussed on bringing about a resolution to our clients’ matters as quickly and cheaply as possible, so that they can go back to running their businesses without the burden of an ongoing financial dispute.

We are renowned for pioneering new ways to avoid lengthy court proceedings and trials, instead utilising mediation, arbitration, conciliation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution to achieve quicker and cheaper results.

However, if all else fails and your dispute has to go to court, our team is widely regarded as some of Australia’s most tenacious and persistent litigators. We do not rest until we have achieved the best possible result for our clients. The other law firms are more likely to throw in the towel if you have us in your corner, because they know that the alternative is to have a serious fight on their hands.

We represent businesses of all sizes, from small tech startups and farmers through to large ASX-listed companies. Our team is skilled in all types of financial services disputes, including:

  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Applications

  • Debt/credit Facility Default

  • Farm Debt Mediation

  • Financial Services Ombudsman Applications

  • Funds and Unit-Holder Disputes

  • Margin Loan Facility Disputes, including setting aside Margin Calls

  • Mortgage Disputes

  • Private Examinations

  • Public Examinations

  • Receiver/manager Appointments

  • Refinancing

  • Securities Disputes

  • Structured Financial Products and Derivatives Disputes

  • Trusts Disputes

  • Voluntary Administration or Liquidation