NOTICE: Settlement in Lee v Bank of Queensland

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For more information on the Lee v BOQ class action settlement scheme, please read all of the following documents: Notice of Settlement Settlement Scheme Settlement Deed (Confidential – PIN required) Opt Out Notice Further Amended Originating Application Fourth Further Amended Statement of Claim Amended Defence  

EVENT: We Don’t Want Two Laws, One White, One Black

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LEX Wotton, the Indigenous Australian who was sent to two years jail for leading the Palm Island riots in 2004 is set to speak publicly for the first time since his 2008 incarceration for ‘riot causing damage’. As a guest speaker at an event at Macquarie University on Tuesday night (16 September 2014), Mr Wotton will speak about… Read more »

PRESS RELEASE: Levitt Robinson launches Palm Island Racial Discrimination class action against QLD Gov’t

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HOT on the heels of a class action against Macquarie Bank which earned one of the largest returns to investors in Australian legal history, leading class action and human rights law firm Levitt Robinson Solicitors has brought a racial discrimination claim against the State of Queensland. With prominent Palm Islander Lex Wotton as lead plaintiff,… Read more »