MT 2010 Navy Class Action – Searle v Commonwealth

Levitt Robinson is prosecuting a Class Action in the Supreme Court of New South Wales against the Commonwealth of Australia on behalf of sailors who enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy, between September 2010 and October 2012, under the MT2010 Training Scheme and who entered into a training contract to achieve a Certificate IV in Engineering during their initial enlistment. The Lead Plaintiff is Clayton Searle.

In essence, the Lead Plaintiff and Group Members claim that the Navy’s failure to deliver training to sailors to attain a Certificate IV in Engineering caused loss and damage resulting in a serious career setback. The Plaintiff and Group Members presently bring claims in contract, estoppel, negligent misrepresentation and deceit.

If you were a sailor who was enlisted under the MT2010 Training Scheme, entered into a training contract for a Certificate IV in Engineering between September 2010 and October 2012, and were not provided with the training necessary to complete the technical qualifications within 48 months, contact us to enquire as to your eligibility to join the Class Action.

In order to be eligible to participate in the Class Action, claimants are required to sign a Litigation Funding Agreement with Galactic Litigation Partners LLC.

To obtain a copy of the Litigation Funding Agreement, our Retainer Agreement and Costs Disclosure, please contact Stephanie Carmichael of our Class Action Team by email at or by phone on (02) 9286 3133 to register your interest and, if you are eligible, we will provide you with a copy of these relevant documents.

The following documents relating to the Class Action are available for download:

Second Further Amended statement of Claim fled 10 August 2016.

Defence filed 22 August 2016.