Personal Law

Criminal Law

When it comes to your liberty only the best will do.

Family Law

We specialise in large and complex divorce matters.

Criminal Law

Levitt Robinson’s leading team of criminal lawyers have an unparalleled record in representing private individuals in all types of criminal proceedings and prosecutions.

Our team represents clients from all walks of life, although we have developed a particular speciality in defending:

  • High-Profile Individuals

  • Sports Stars

  • Musicians

  • Journalists

  • Leading Figures in Corporate/finance accused of White Collar Crimes.


Our lawyers have acted in and won trials in areas ranging from murder, major fraud, and rape or sexual assault, to simpler matters such as common assault. We have experience acting in all jurisdictions across Australia at all levels — including Local Courts and Magistrates’ Courts, state Supreme Courts and Courts of Appeal, and even the High Court. ​

We provide our representation and counsel in matters involving:

  • Bail Applications;

  • Commonwealth and State DPP prosecutions;

  • Complex Fraud matters;

  • Drug Offences;

  • Internet Abuse;

  • Murder and Manslaughter;

  • Personal Violence and Sexual Violence;

  • Police Investigations;

  • Proceeds of Crime Recovery;

  • Traffic Offences; and

  • White-Collar Crime.

We have also run numerous successful defences against government regulators and enforcement bodies, including:

  • The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (‘ASADA’)

  • The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (‘ASIC’)

  • The Australian Taxation Office (‘ATO’)

  • Professional Regulatory bodies

  • Workplace Health and Safety bodies

  • Royal Commissions

  • Statutory commissions and administrative tribunals

    • The NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal (‘ADT’);

    • The Federal Administrative Appeals Tribunal (‘AAT’);

    • The Australian Crime Commission (‘ACC’)

    • The Independent Commission Against Corruption (‘ICAC’);

    • Fair Work Australia (‘FWA’)

    • The Migration Review Tribunal (‘MRT’)

    • Refugee Review Tribunal (‘RRT’)

Family Law

Levitt Robinson’s leading family law practice specialises in large and complex divorce matters, often involving multi-million dollar property and commercial disputes.


We work with married and de facto couples of all ages and types, and have a track record of resolving difficult child custody or child support cases as well as corporate and property marital issues.


With some of Sydney’s best and most experienced family lawyers, Levitt Robinson is well equipped to advise you on your legal position, your rights and obligations, and all of your options for resolving your dispute.

Divorce is a stressful time, and the emotions involved often cause people to make rash and poorly thought-through decisions, which can jeopardise your family business, the mortgage over your family home, and other assets which would otherwise be divided between the divorcing couple.

Unlike other family lawyers, who can get sucked into petty games and one-upmanship, we take a cool, level-headed, commercial approach to your divorce and are uniquely placed to resolve your dispute as quickly and easily as possible, whilst making sure that you come away with the best outcome.