Corestaff Class Action

Alois Jack v CoreStaff NT Pty Ltd (Federal Court of Australia, NSD 2162/2018)

Class Action Settlement Notice

The Corestaff Class Action is a legal proceeding in Australia against Corestaff NT Pty Ltd, commenced on behalf of Group Members who received an offer of employment from Corestaff NT Pty Ltd in 2011/2012, whose employment was terminated by Corestaff NT Pty Ltd on or after 23 November 2012 and who allege they suffered loss as a result.

It is proposed that the Corestaff Class Action be settled for AU$6.4 million less funding commission and legal costs.

If you are a Group Member, you may be eligible to participate in the proposed settlement and your legal rights will be affected by the proposed settlement.

Read more in the Court-ordered Settlement Notice, which includes important forms.

Read more in the settlement approval application.

Read the Court orders made 22 March 2022 in proceedings NSD 2162/2018.

The deadline by which you must contact Levitt Robinson Solicitors to register in the class action, submit verifying documents or opt out of the Corestaff Class Action is 23 May 2022.

If you are unsure whether or not you are a Group Member, or if you have any other questions, you should contact Levitt Robinson Solicitors by telephone on +61 2 9286 3133, by email on; or seek your own independent legal advice without delay.

Read the current pleadings here:

  1. Originating Application

  2. The Applicant’s Amended Statement of Claim

  3. The Respondent’s Further Amended Defence

  4. The Applicant’s Further Amended Reply

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