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LEX Wotton, the Indigenous Australian who was sent to two years jail for leading the Palm Island riots in 2004 is set to speak publicly for the first time since his 2008 incarceration for ‘riot causing damage’.

As a guest speaker at an event at Macquarie University on Tuesday night (16 September 2014), Mr Wotton will speak about what led to the 2004 Palm Island Riots, his experiences in prison, and where he sees the future for Palm Island 10 years on from the event which still demeans Australia’s standing in the international community.

During the six year period in which he was incarcerated and then paroled, Mr Wotton was forbidden from speaking publicly without approval from the Queensland authorities. His parole period ended this year in late July.

Mr Wotton will be joined by French anthropologist Professor Barbara Glowczewski, who published her award winning book in France in 2008 about the Palm Island riots called Warriors of Peace. Also appearing will be Stewart Levitt, one of Australia’s leading human rights lawyers, whose firm Levitt Robinson Solicitors has filed a class action lawsuit against the Queensland Government for breaches of the Racial Discrimination Act arising out of the Palm Island Riots and related events. Mr Wotton is the lead applicant in that lawsuit.

The details of the lecture are as follows:

Barbara Glowczewski and Lex Wotton, “We Don’t Want Two Laws, One White, One Black. We Want One Law for All – We Want to Live in Peace”

Date/Time:  Tuesday 16 September 2014, 4-6pm

Location: Drama Studio, Building Y3A, Macquarie University

The ABC’s Law Report last month announced: “Almost 10 years ago Cameron Doomadgee died in police custody on Palm Island. In response an angry mob burned down the police station. Lex Wotton, the man convicted of inciting that riot, has just completed his parole and can now speak to the media. He doesn’t regret his actions. He has strong, surprising, views on policing and also he’s commencing legal action against police.”

In this public seminar, Lex Wotton will discuss his views on Indigenous pasts and futures with French anthropologist, Professor Barbara Glowczewski, Director of Research at the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), Paris, who has just returned from Central Australia, where she has worked since 1979. Six years ago they published, in France, a book on the Indigenous political condition as seen from Palm Island. The English translation, Warriors for Peace, can be uploaded for free:

All welcome – refreshments will be served