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ONE is Australia’s most maligned sporting outcast. The other has the sharpest legal mind in the country. Together they are planning an extraordinary challenge to police and racing authorities.

Banned Group I winning jockey Danny Nikolic has hired distinguished silk Bret Walker SC in a move to save his riding career of more than 20 years with a fresh start in Queensland.

His legal counsel has represented high-profile clients including former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and ICAC.

Nikolic’s legal team will challenge the Victorian Police commissioner’s recent decision to exclude the jockey from all Victorian racetracks on the eve of him regaining his jockey’s license.

“It seems that the police are trying to trump due process through the back door, acting in an inscrutable and undemocratic manner,” said Nikolic’s Sydney based lawyer Stewart Levitt, “My client will seek an administrative review.”

ref: The Sunday Telegraph, 20 September 2015, Phil Rothfield