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Arriving back in Sydney from the Consulegis Shanghai conference Levitt Robinson solicitors, Chrystalla Georgiou, Brett Imlay and Joshua Kangisser reflected on the experience of attending the conference and participating in discussions with leading lawyers around the world.


The conference gave Levitt Robinson solicitors the opportunity to discuss best practice legal solutions for international clients, including topics such as commercial arbitration, and cultural and legal diversity, with a focus on Chinese legal and business culture.


With an increasing number of international trade deals being entered into between Australian and foreign corporations, it is important for Australian lawyers to develop their understanding of cultural legal and business diversity so as to best understand the interests of clients and foreign contracting parties. China is specifically interesting, given the great differences that exist between the Australian and Chinese legal system.” Chrystalla Georgiou, Partner, said.


“It is also most important, in the changing legal market, to maintain effective relations with top-quality and cost-effective lawyers around the globe, so that international clients can receive the highest-quality efficient legal solutions with on-the-ground support.


Solicitors also attended a discussion focused on International Litigation and Arbitration where the Levitt Robinson contingent contributed to discussion about this growing area of law.


“The emphasis of the conference was on understanding China’s developing legal system as it responds to the challenges of overseas investment and joint ventures between Chinese and foreign companies.  As the conference was attended by lawyers from all over the world, there was an opportunity to discuss issues and concerns that arise in the drafting and understanding of international agreements,” Brett Imlay, Special Counsel, said.


“Indeed much of the discussion was focussed on ensuring that reliable dispute resolution clauses are compatible with different legal systems.”


In addition to the large number of seminars discussing international legal issues, the conference provided an opportunity for delegates from around the world to meet and socialise at various functions within the extraordinary metropolis of Shanghai.


“Shanghai is a very interesting city where the old meets the new, and it’s easy to see why it has emerged as an economic centre as China increases its global trade with the world. It is difficult to comprehend how quickly the metropolis, that Shanghai is, has developed over the past few decades.” Joshua Kangisser, Associate, said.


“The conference not only gave us the opportunity to grow our practice professionally, but also to share in the experience of meeting and networking with other delegates.”


The conference was sponsored by Consulegis, a prestigious International Network of Law Firms, which provides member firms with cost-effective global solutions by ensuring local expertise and representation throughout the world.

Shanghai, China.