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A MAGISTRATE in the Sydney Local Court recently convicted a young adult for possession of one capsule of MDMA (3, 4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine, commonly known as ecstasy). The young man was searched by undercover police when entering a music festival in Sydney.

The young man had no prior offences, and it was clear that he is of good character. Further, he had recently finished his university education, and was just about to build what many would consider a promising professional career. However, prospects of future career opportunities were constricted by the Magistrate’s finding that it was appropriate to convict the individual, which in effect gave the individual a ‘criminal record’.

The community would ordinarily expect that a ‘section 10(1)(b)’ would be given to an individual in the young man’s position, being the dismissal of charges with a good behaviour bond.

The sentence provided by the Magistrate was based on her consideration of the prevalence of the offence.

On appeal to the Sydney District Court, Levitt Robinson Solicitors were successful in obtaining a ‘section 10(1)(a)’ for the individual being the dismissal of charges, with no imposition of a good behaviour bond.

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