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MAY 2014

Prominent Sydney litigator Stewart Levitt says that he has been a member of Joe Hockey’s North Sydney Business Forum (NSBF) for over 2 years and it is certainly not a ‘secretive-fund raising body’. Levitt, the Principal of Class Action and Human Rights Law Firm, Levitt Robinson, stated:

I have never been asked to keep my membership secret and apart from the initial cash commitment of the $5,500 annual membership fee (GST incl.) I have never been asked for money or given money.  I have never asked for favours or been offered favours.

Levitt says that

The only additional fees that have been requested have been to take up an option to attend more functions than I had subscribed for through my membership fee.

He continued,

I joined because I was tired of all the deal making and lack of direction of the last Government, kow-towing to minorities.  I am interested and active in politics but cannot stand having to toe a party line.  The NSBF afforded me the opportunity to discuss political, economic and social issues with a cross-section of around 25 significant figures from professional and commercial life and to observe Joe Hockey and other prominent Liberals up close. I did not have to join a party. It has been money well spent. Joe has come across as genuine, hardworking, smart and committed to doing the right thing.  A “l”iberal with the country’s best interests at heart and prepared to listen.

According to Levitt,

These kinds of forums are a much better and more effective alternative to the kind of grandstanding ‘2020 Summit’ which Kevin Rudd staged in 2008 at Parliament House, plucking his favourite lobbyists and celebrities by the thousand and setting them down in Canberra to participate in a ‘gob-fest’ at tax payers’ expense.

At NSBF, members pay their own way.  If they want to donate, they can donate.  The important thing is that a key front bench politician consults with and listens to key members of his constituency about their concerns, opinions and suggestions, to take on board in formulating his own approach to policy

He concluded:

I have been publishing my membership of the NSBF on Levitt Robinson’s website since I joined.  So much for it being a ‘secretive fund-raising body.

For further comment please contact: Stewart Levitt:  0407 323 737 or (02) 9286 3133