• Levitt Robinson

Levitt Robinson commits to sustainable practices


Levitt Robinson Solicitors is proud to be the latest of 41 members of the Australian Legal Sector Alliance (ALSA), an industry association working collaboratively to promote sustainable practices across the legal sector.

Stephanie Carmichael, a Senior Associate at Levitt Robinson, said that, “The team at Levitt Robinson is dedicated to transforming the way we practice law in order to limit our environmental impact and to improve the sustainable management of resources.

“Our new focus on sustainability will meet the increasing demand from clients on their lawyers to operate in a way that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible.”

Ms Carmichael added that, “Being at the vanguard of environmental and socially sustainable practices in the practice of law will also complement Levitt Robinson’s existing reputation for promoting equality, diversity, access to justice, and human rights, as well as for being a responsible corporate citizen.”

Levitt Robinson will be attending the launch of ALSA’a “Legal Sector Environmental Insight Report” on 4 December 2014.

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