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Levitt Robinson’s Senior Partner, Stewart Levitt, has been quoted in an article by Adele Ferguson, published in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age newspapers, about the Aveo Group’s unfair treatment of retirees.

As Ms Ferguson wrote:

Law firm Levitt Robinson was invited to address dozens of residents, including a few from a neighbouring Aveo village, about management contracts and service agreements signed with the listed retirement village operator Aveo Group. They are offering free advice on service agreements. […]

But if some of the residents of Veronica Gardens have their way Aveo could face a legal headache. Stewart Levitt, a partner at Levitt Robinson, says he has looked at eight separate contracts from individual residents. He alleges misleading and deceptive conduct and says if enough residents are interested in taking action he will launch a class action that would be funded by a US-based litigation funder.

Levitt’s immediate interest is with Veronica Gardens, which has 57 units, but he hasn’t ruled out widening the legal action to other Aveo villages.

Allegations include residents can lose the right to reside in the village if they become bankrupt, if their health deteriorates to the point where they require care not offered by Aveo at the village, if they vacate their unit for more than one month without Aveo’s permission, if they mortgage their unit, or, in the case of resident Geoff Richards, if the “owner” dies, his successor loses the right to continue to reside in the village, even if it is a de facto partner of 55 years.

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