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It has now been 12 years since the horrific death in custody that lead to the Palm Island Riots and the Queensland Police’s heavy handed response against the Indigenous Community on the Island. Last year, in a special sitting of the Court on Palm Island, we heard chilling stories of  women and children  who had guns held to their heads by Police Officers in the aftermath of the Palm Island Riot. This week, the Court case has continued in Townsville, with the Police being given a chance to tell their side of the story.


Stewart Levitt is in Townsville this week as he continues to represent the Palm Island community in their battle for justice. He featured on the SBS’s Living Black program this week in their detailed account of the tragic events that occurred on Palm Island in 2004. The differential treatment of an Indigenous Community, so recent in our Australian history, is a harrowing story and one Levitt Robinson is passionate about revealing to ensure equality before the law. For the Island community, it is about being recognised and treated as equal so that the next generation of Indigenous children can live in the safe environment that every parent wants for their child, rather than in fear of guns and alien  power.


Watch the full story from SBS’s Living Black program here.