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We often succeed where others have failed.
We are not afraid to take on cases that others are too scared to touch, including against large corporations and state, federal and foreign governments.

Low Cost Base

Avoid the ‘bells and whistles’ often found at other firms; we deliver top-level service at competitive prices, prioritising justice for all our clients. 

Strong Social Conscience 

We are committed to helping the disadvantaged. We have acted pro bono or on a speculative basis in several large and high-profile human rights lawsuits, including in the High Court.

Multiple Languages 

We can speak to you in English, Mandarin, Greek, French, and Bangla.

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Our legal team includes some of the most experienced and respected commercial litigation lawyers in Australia. That is how we have been able to punch above our weight and tackle some of the largest, most complex corporate and financial services lawsuit in Australian History, helping more than 30,000 clients since launch. 

Corporate/ Commercial

Our team of tenacious and strategic litigation lawyers have expertise managing all aspects of domestic and international commercial disputes. Click here, to learn more.

Class Actions 

We boast one of Australia’s most successful and widely respected class action practice groups. Click here, to learn more.


Human Rights

Levitt Robinson has one of the leading human rights and pro bono programs in Australia. Click here, to learn more.


Deceased Estates

We have settled favourably or won at trial  in complex and contentious estate disputes.


Dispute Resolution/Mediation

Senior Partner, Stewart Levitt is among the most senior practising solicitors in Australia, having started practising in 1979. He is available as a mediator or negotiator, including for cases where another firm has carriage of the dispute. 


We also have a  variety of mediation rooms used to host mediations. Click here to learn more. 

Corporate & Personal Bankruptcy Claims

We know how the system works; and can help you to work the system, as well as work within it.

Intellectual Property

There is no point in having a great idea unless you can protect it. 


Compulsory Acquisition, Just Terms & Fair Compensation

We have performed impressively in taking on government authorities and in safeguarding the interests of private property owners.



We understand your rights and responsibilities and help you safeguard your data, drawing on our knowledge of legislative and regulatory developments, as well as our network of cybersecurity consultants and providers.

Family Law

Levitt Robinson’s Family Law practice specialises in large and complex divorce matters involving multi-million-dollar property and commercial disputes, particularly when they have settled and seeking to have them reopened under section 79A of the Family Law Act, 1975, (Cth).  We help you to leave the marriage almost as happy as you were when you entered it.


We are a member of Consulegis, an international network of independent law firms. This gives us, and our clients, access to the knowledge, expertise, skill and resources needed to deal with cross-border disputes and issues. 

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