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Human Rights & Deaths in Custody

Levitt Robinson has one of the leading human rights and pro bono programs in Australia, outmatching the programs of much larger firms with far greater resources.​ 


We know that the practice of law is more than just a profession, and our lawyers are specially selected for their strong social consciences and their drive and desire to improve the world around them.

Our team includes leading experts on all aspects of Human Rights Laws, and we pride ourselves on not only practising the law, but helping to shape it through our blog posts, policy papers, submissions to government, and other advocacy/lobbying, and media contributions.


We pursue human rights cases in State and Federal Courts, as well as in the Australian Human Rights Commission and other such bodies. Our cases have gone to the High Court of Australia and beyond, including to International Tribunals.


Wotton v State of Queensland (no. 5) 

Residents of Palm Island sue for racist coverage of Palm Island Residents’ use Palm Islanders intend to lodge a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission against Channel Nine and the Daily Mail seeking redress for “racist” and “vilifying” media reports. Palm Islanders claim that the coverage breached Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. The Daily Mail and Channel 9’s coverage was inaccurate, racist, and implied Palm Islanders should not have the benefit of compensation.

"Palm Island recipients of compensation … were largely vilified and great offence was caused to them by virtue of the suggestion that they were not entitled to receive that money, that they were spending it irresponsibly." - Senior Partner, Stewart Levitt of Levitt Robinson Solicitors. 

Coronial Inquests 


Including the recent inquest into death of ​Trevor ‘Noombah’ King and upcoming inquest into death of Steve Nixon, both of whom died within minutes of the application of the controversial Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint (LVNR), which has been banned in most Australian jurisdictions.

“Subjected to the very rough treatment which has been described and the shock of it all, it is quite foreseeable that a man with a pre-existing heart condition would succumb.”

– Senior Partner, Stewart Levitt on Trevor ‘Noombah’ King.


The LVNR was the same restraint which led to George Floyd’s death and the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Current Human Rights Class Actions 

Banksia Hill Class Action:

Alexandra Walters & Ors v State of Western Australia and Anor (WAD224/2022)

Wadeye Class Action:

Patrick Cumaiyi & Ors v Northern Territory of Australia and Anor (NTD36/2019) 


Fines Enforcement Class Action:

Sherona Roe and Davin Ferreira as Co-Administrators of the Estate of the Late Ms Julieka Dhu & Ors v the State of Western Australia & Anor (WAD5/2022) 

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