Class Actions

Class Actions

Levitt Robinson Solicitors boasts one of Australia’s most successful and widely respected class action practice groups.


We are at the cutting edge of this growing area of law, and in 2014 were named by the Australian Financial Review as one of six “smaller but serious class action entrants” taking on larger and well-known firms.


Class actions allow “classes” of people with similar legal claims against the same defendant to group their multiple claims together into a single action.

What we offer

For group members in a potential class action often, trying to get their lawyers to take positive steps to advance the action can feel like a slow merry-go-round. 


With some of the country’s most experienced class action lawyers, Levitt Robinson is well equipped to advise you and other members of your “class” on your legal position, your rights and obligations, the appropriate funding model, and all of your options for getting a result. 


Albert Einstein once said that “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” At Levitt Robinson, we can explain the class action process and the funding alternatives simply to you because we are experts in this area of law.

Unique funding model

At Levitt Robinson, we can offer an alternative to litigation funding: our unique funding model.

We also have strong relationships with commercial litigation funders, and we have a record of conducting class actions on a “no win, no fee” basis.

In December 2013, Levitt Robinson negotiated an $82.5 million settlement for a class action against Macquarie Bank and, thanks to our unique model, achieved the greatest return of a damages award to group members for a class action that size in Australian legal history.

Current Class Actions


If you were a 7-Eleven franchisee anytime between February 2012 and February 2018, you are likely to be a group member in the 7-Eleven Class Actions and may be entitled to compensation.


In September 2017, Levitt Robinson filed a Class Action in the Federal Court of Australia against the retirement village operator, Aveo Group Limited. At present, the Class Action only relates to people who have or who have had freehold title in their units. A claim on behalf of owners with “99 -year” leases is being prepared. 

Completed Class Actions

1. Storm Financial Class Actions

a. Richards v Macquarie Bank Ltd (QUD590 of 2010); 

b. Sherwood v Commonwealth Bank of Australia (NSD811 of 2010); 

c. Lee v Bank of Queensland Ltd (QUD732 of 2012); 

d. Lee v Westpac Banking Corporation (QUD2011 of 2013); 

2. Wotton v State of Queensland & Anor (QUD535 of 2015; QUD20 of 2017);

(Palm Island)


3. Searle v Commonwealth of Australia (NSWSC 2016/045027; NSWCA 2018/227274; [2019] NSWCA 127) 


4.O'Dea & Anor v Westpac Banking Corporation (NSWSC 2016/35575);